Suicide or Femicide?

Domestic violence and femicides rates increased rapidly in the last few years in Turkey. On top of that, most of the femicide cases were suspicious deaths. In the last
2 years alone, 93 women have died by falling from a balcony. Based on the allegations of the suspects, many cases were recorded not as femicide, but as suicide and closed due to lack of evidence. Thousands of women tried to make their voices heard in marches nationwide. But after every femicide, the issue was normalized by the public. BirGün, an independent newspaper, has been covering this issue for a long time, wanted to draw attention to these suspicious deaths.independent newspaper, has been covering this issue for a long time, wanted to draw attention to these suspicious deaths.

There was something wrong with these deaths. The situation of the women who allegedly died by “falling” from the balcony brought one question to mind: Suicide or Femicide? BirGün wanted to make the public question this by creating a monumental “inverted balcony” installation at the heart of Istanbul. A traditional media space was transformed into a very simple and eye-catching outdoor idea. The color and architecture of the balcony were kept all in line with the building, yet the design being upside down, made people were reminded of “the brutally reversed truth” in just a second.

The inverted balcony installation made an entrance into Turkey's news agenda within hours. It was shared on social media thousands of times by celebrities, journalists and opinion leaders nationwide. With all this momentum, it created serious public pressure to investigate suspicious deaths and it made people, the media and the authorities look at the issue from a different angle, turning Turkey’s agenda upside down.

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Client: BirGün Newspaper 
Creative Agency: TBWA\Istanbul 
CCO: İlkay Gürpınar 
ECD: Volkan Karakaşoğlu 
Creative Group Head/Copywriter: Cantekin Güngör 
Creative Group Head: Önder Dündar 
Art Director: Kemalcan Başaran, Ece Aktürk

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